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Having a bad credit rating can sometimes make it feel impossible to get accepted for a mobile phone contract. The same is true if you have no credit history at all. But it’s not that difficult – and may be a whole lot easier than you think if you follow certain tips. We specialise in helping people with poor credit get approved for a contract phone. Using our extensive research, feedback from customers and close relationships with the network – we aim to help you get approved.

To date we have helped hundreds of users like you get a mobile phone deal. Read our full guide below before applying so you give yourself the best chance of being approved.

t-mobileRating: ★★★★★

Good SIM Only Approval Rates

Apply With T-Mobile

Best Value For Money – T-Mobile have a high acceptance rate on SIM Only contracts.

vodafoneRating: ★★★★★

Good SIM Only Approval

Apply With Vodafone

Vodafone have some great SIM Only deals, ideal for those with bad credit. They also accept Visa Electron cards.

orangeRating: ★★★★☆

OK Approval Rates

Apply With Orange

Orange always consider those with a bad credit rating. We have had many success stories for this network.

o2Rating: ★★★½☆

OK Approval Rates

Apply With O2

O2 are a popular network but have a pretty strict credit check. However you can still get accepted with SIM Only.

3 mobileRating: ★★☆☆☆

Poor Approval Rates

Apply With Three

Three are the least likely to accept your application. Avoid this network unless you have tried the others.

We have had many success stories from people applying with Vodafone and T-Mobile and getting accepted. T-Mobile have some excellent mobile phone deals which are well worth looking at!

Bad Credit Mobile Phones Guide

bad credit mobile phones helpHaving bad credit does not mean you cannot get accepted for a new contract phone. This part is the “How It Works Guide” bit which you need to read, especially if you are still unsure which network to apply with or what to apply for.

Remember, factors such as being employed, being on the electoral roll and having a good address history can help you get a contract. It’s recommended that you also check your credit report to see if there are any errors.

What Network Should I Apply With?

best network helpIn order to get accepted it is best to apply directly & online with the network.

By applying directly with the network, as opposed through a third party retailer such as Phones4U, you will have a much better chance of acceptance as it is ultimately the networks who decide anyway. They are more likely to consider your application in detail. Interesting, online departments which are run separately offer easier credit checks on all networks – so whatever you do make sure you apply online only.

What Should I Apply For?

what to apply for helpWe suggest that you go for an affordable handset and tariff. The tariff should be no more than £35 a month. This is because the less you owe the network, the less risky you seem, and the credit worthiness required is not as high.

For this reason you should also avoid going for the latest and best handsets like the iPhone if you have bad credit. As these are expensive and cost the network money, they are less likely to accept someone who has a low credit rating.

Should I Apply For a SIM Only Contract?

sim only helpIf your credit rating is really bad, or you were declined recently, then it is highly recommended you apply for a SIM Only contract. SIM Only contracts have easier credit checks and are therefore more suitable for users with bad credit history. There is virtually no risk to the network to provide a monthly plan where no handset is given, especially if it is a 30 day agreement..

But this is a good thing, as SIM Only deals offer exceptionally good value for money. You can keep your phone and number. They are also an excellent way to build your credit rating. After 3 months of paying your bills to the network on time, ring them up and ask for a mobile contract. You will almost be allowed to do this as you will have a good payment history.

What if I Have Been Refused a Contract Phone Before?

refused a contractIt doesn’t matter as there is a fine line between being accepted and refused, and simply applying online or for a cheaper handset could have made the difference. We have received many stories from users who had been declined a contract phone previously, but tried our tips and got accepted.

By applying with the recommend networks, directly on their website, you really increase your chances of acceptance. If you are worried that you still won’t pass even by applying for an affordable handset, then go SIM Only and upgrade after a few months, as these deals have a very high pass rate.

Am I Guaranteed a Mobile Phone Contract?

Unfortunately by using the tips no one is guaranteed a contract phone. But what we can promise and even guarantee you, is that if you follow our tips you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of being approved.

The reality is that every network, including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, Three, O2 and Orange, use credit checks. But this does not mean you cannot get accepted. Little things can make all the different in your application, and the idea of this site is to tip the odds in your favour!

No Credit Check Mobile Phone Contracts Warning

The only way you can get no credit check mobiles is by buying a mobile phone on Pay As You Go or SIM Free. As all mobile phone networks perform credit checks with regards to contract phones, it is impossible to avoid it. In fact everyone does, so don’t fall for false advertisements which tell you otherwise as it’s simply not possible. If anyone offers you such deals we strongly recommend you get their full company details and undertake a thorough check on what they are offering you. This can be done by reading their terms and conditions. Be careful as though sometimes these offers are tempting, normally they put you in a bad position financially or they completely misrepresent what the actual deal is.

However this does not mean you will not or cannot get accepted. We have helped hundreds of users (some with terrible credit ratings) get accepted. They all followed our tips. If you credit rating is very bad, then apply for SIM Only deals as contract phones are harder to be accepted for.

vodafone sim onlyVodafone SIM Only t-mobile sim onlyT-Mobile SIM Only 3 mobile sim only3 Mobile SIM Only orange sim onlyOrange SIM Only

We hope you have found this guide useful and we are sure that if you follow our tips you will have a very good chance of getting a mobile phone on contract even with bad credit. Apply now and you just never know, like many hundreds of other people that found our site, you might just surprise yourself.