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Are you looking to apply for a mobile phone contract online? If so, we can help! It’s an easy and simple process, much more easier than going into a mobile phone shop. Best of all, it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

1. Here’s what you need to do. Firstly, decide which mobile phone network you want to apply with. If you are currently on PAYG, then it’s best to stick with the network you have been using. If you already have a contract, or want to try another network, then the choice is yours. The best option is to visit the websites of all the major networks, and see if you can find a deal you like.

2. Click on the links below, and we’ll take you directly to the website of the mobile phone network.

Vodafone - all the latest phones with some good tariffs, especially if you are a fan of the internet and need data for browsing.

T-Mobilevalue for money tariffs and some great choice of smartphone, the SIM Only deals are also excellent value for what you pay.

Virgin Mobilecoverage provided by Everything Everywhere, some good mobile phone deals and probably the best SIM Only plans.

Orange - tariffs and plans dedicated to texters, talkers and internet users. Don’t forget the Magic Numbers and Orange Wednesday benefits.

O2 - Some great phone deals with flexibility from a network known for its customer service – also check out the Simplicity Plans.

3 Mobile - Home of the 3G phones, lots of phones and tariffs to choose from at affordable price and the One Plan is just pure value.

3. Here’s the best bit, choose your contract phone online once you are on the website! All the networks have the latest mobile phones normally, and will have some great contract mobile phone offers. Some do get exclusive mobiles which only they can have, so be sure to browse around. Currently we recommend you apply with either Vodafone, T-Mobile or Virgin as they have some of the best deals.

Any questions, or need any help, then get in touch with us – we are here to help.

Remember if you have bad credit, or have been refused before then read our bad credit contract phones guide at our homepage. This will give you all the best tips, to give you the best chance of being accepted when you apply for a contract online!

It really couldn’t be easier could it? The reason why we recommend you apply directly with the networks themselves, is because they are able to offer exclusive discounts. Also when your contract expires, you can negotiate with them as a loyal customer and get up to 50% off your mobile phone line rental. This is much better than middlemen retailers such as Phones4U or CarphoneWareHouse could ever offer you. Also, customer service is much better when you go direct.

So what are you waiting for? Apply online now to get your mobile contract!


  1. Johanna Martina Adriana Esterhuyse says:

    please i would like to apply for a contract phone- black berry.

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