Contract Phones No Credit Or Debit Card?

If you are applying for a mobile phone contract with a network or mobile phone shop online, you will notice that they all require a credit or debit card, which can be used for credit checking purposes and/or identity purposes. There is no way around this, but there is a simple and easy solution if you don’t have a debit card. Keep reading to find out about our little secret.

Here is what you need to do now to get your contract phone!

1. Do You Have A Visa Electron Card?

Many people don’t have a debit or credit card, but they do have a Visa Electron card. If you have a basic bank account and do have a Visa Electron, then the good news is that at least one mobile phone network is willing to accept such cards. Vodafone are currently the only network online that accept this card.

Click Here To Apply With Vodafone Using Your Visa Electron

2. No Visa Electron Or Any Other Debit Or Credit Card?

If you currently do not have any credit or debit card you can use, then here’s a quick and easy solution which will work like a charm! Your best option here is to apply for a chip and pin prepaid credit card. These are not normal credit cards, so don’t worry, and keep reading!

Prepaid credit cards work EXACTLY like a normal credit card, except that all the money on the card is your own. You preload the card with money, in the same way as Pay As You Go mobile phones work. So that way, you can never spend more than you have.

The good news is that you are guaranteed acceptance for these cards, and you could receive your credit card tomorrow and apply for your contract phone tomorrow too. No matter how bad your credit history may be, there is no credit check involved in the application for a prepaid credit card. As long as you pass a few basic criteria, a credit card will be yours. Here are some benefits:

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no credit check
  • No bank account required
  • Use it at an ATM and buy things like a normal card
  • Top-it up from any Post Office or PayPoint outlet
  • Transfer money to and from a bank account
  • Plus many many other benefits

The two companies we recommended are Splash Plastic and Bread. As soon as your prepaid credit card arrives, come back to our website to apply for a mobile phone contract.

Click Here To Apply For A Splash Plastic Maestro Card

Click Here To Apply For A bread MasterCard

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