Sim Only For People With Bad Credit

sim only cardsSome networks have extremely high acceptance rates on SIM Only Contracts.

Sim only deals are an excellent way of getting a contract, even if you have a bad credit history. Sim only deals have many benefits. However since they are generally one month rolling contracts and no handset is provided by the network, they are seen as very low risk. This is why a sim only contract is almost guaranteed to whoever applies. If you have been refused a mobile contract with a handset, then you must apply for a sim only deal since you are much more likely to be approved. The difficulty with a standard contract is that mobiles are expensive and when one is given for free, the only way for the network to cover their costs is by receiving payments. This is a risk for networks with regards to bad credit applicants. However when no handset is provided this risk is removed. Sim only deals are also great since they offer fantastic value for money. Get your bad credit sim only deal now, and follow our tips to get approved.

Vodafone SIM Only Contract (Recommended)

T-Mobile SIM Only Contract (Recommended)

Orange SIM Only Contract

O2 SIM Only Contract

Virgin SIM Only Contract

Three SIM Only Contract

Note: If you successfully pay your monthly sim only line rental then after a few months you should successfully be able to get a handset contract with the network too! This happens a lot with many people. A good payment history will result in a better credit score, and you may find that when you ring to upgrade the network will be more than happy to offer you a mobile phone too. In fact this is what we recommend to most people who have adverse credit – it’s the easiest way to be back on track and building your credit rating for the future.