T-Mobile Bad Credit Offers

t-mobile logoT-Mobile is an excellent choice for those with bad credit.

You can get a mobile phone contract with T Mobile even if you have a bad credit history. T-mobile does not have a strict a credit check as other networks from our experience – this makes it much more likely that you will get accepted by T-Mobile even if you have a poor credit history.

Firstly, you must apply directly with T-Mobile and avoid retailers which simply sell T-Mobile contracts. Examples of such mobile retailers are Phones4U and CarphoneWarehouse. You must also apply online for an easier credit check. Finally, we recommend you go for a Sim Only deal as you get no handset with such offers but they are much easier to get accepted for. All you will then need to do is maintain a good credit history, by paying what you owe each and every month on time. If you do this for a few months, then your credit rating will have improved. You will also have a good payment record with the network, and you can ring them to ask for an upgrade to a full phone contract anytime (as Sim Only plans are normally 1 month rolling deals).

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T-Mobile are a great network. They recently merged with Orange in 2010 to become known as Everything Everywhere, although both brands still operate separately in a marketing sense. T-Mobile was not as popular as the other networks such as O2, Orange, or Vodafone but they used to counter this by offering more minutes and texts. Their Combi and Flext plans used to be very popular as they gave exceptional value for money. T-Mobile was also well-known for the Solo plans, which were basically the name given to their SIM Only deals and the TV advertisements which marketed these deals. Since then the network has decided to not use the term Solo anymore. Regardless to the changes in the name of their tariffs, they still continue to offer great value for money on the latest handsets. They also have a great customer. For years they have known to be more sympathetic to people with a bad credit rating and that’s why they come highly recommend. With a choice of all the latest mobiles, including the iPhone, they make a great choice for anyone looking to get a pay monthly contract.